Good communication skills are as relevant as ever.

ImageToastmasters International – now with approximately 200,000 members in 10,000 clubs in 90 countries – celebrated its 80th anniversary during October 2004 with clubs worldwide conducting various special events in their communities.

Toastmasters International – a nonprofit, educational organization – has helped more than four million men and women become better speakers and leaders. Toastmasters groups can be found in domestic and international government organizations, in state and local agencies, in Fortune 500 companies and in many educational institutions, as well as in a variety of community organizations, military bases, hospitals, prisons and churches.

Toastmasters offers a “learn-by-doing” education program in which members hone their skills in a supportive club atmosphere. A typical group has 20 members who meet weekly to learn and practice public speaking techniques. There is no instructor; instead, members evaluate each other's presentations. The effectiveness of this simple learning formula is evidenced by the approximately 5,000 corporations that sponsor in-house Toastmasters groups as communication training for employees.

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