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Executives: Are you struggling to influence your senior managers? 

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“What are the unique ways Warwick helps you?”

  • Brings insights as a published author and professional speaker in the field of executive communication

  • Uses his expertise to solve the spoken communication challenges executives face

  • Brings cultural diversity from 18 years experience presenting to multicultural international business audiences

  • Designs a quick-result custom program around your specific speaking challenges

  • Uses a proven process that made The One Minute Presenter an international success story

  • Accelerates your improvement time with insightful video analysis, skill evaluation and specific suggestions

  • Increases your return on investment with a time-tested systematic process to transfer practical skills

  • Teaches his process so you can evaluate your own speaking skills after the program

  • Shortens preparation time with takeaway checklists, frameworks and flows.

Warwick works with managers, directors and executives from technical disciplines, working in multinational companies based in Greater China, who struggle to get their point across and influence their key stakeholders.  Ironically, the skills that have made them excellent technical executives often contribute to this problem. Warwick helps the executive project their message with confidence, which allows them express their opinions powerfully and gain respect from senior managers even when under pressure.

Warwick’s services are helping executives through a proven system that allows the executive to quickly organize their thoughts, create a memorable message that opens with certainty, is structured for clarity and closes with confidence. This flexible system delivers powerful results in formal presentations, conferences, telephone conferences, regular meetings and question and answer sessions.

Executives using Warwick’s system have reported more confidence when facing senior management, saved time in preparing for important presentations and better results in face-to-face meetings with important stakeholders.

Warwick has been working with senior executives since 2003 to help transform them into engaging, authentic and confident public speakers. Warwick has worked with the most successful international companies, often leaders in their field, and has a solid record of success that proves our approach and system works. It can work for you as well.

Please browse this web site for detailed information on how you can take your executive influencing skills to a higher level. This web site is for executives and HR managers to understand more about the value that I offer, and learn more about how I work with clients so that we can get the most value from our relationship. You can also read many value-packed articles in the Resource Library, and see the worthy causes I support in the Community section.

Enjoy the web site. I am always ready and willing to work with ambitious executives who are ready to take the next step in their careers. I am here to support, encourage and facilitate your development.

Buy the e-book of The One Minute Presenter for only $10 Buy the e-book of The One Minute Presenter for only $10