Why We Exist

The Human Side of Leadership 


We exist to help people adapt to the relentless drivers for change that will continue to impact our lives and our children’s lives for decades to come.

New technology breakthroughs in automation, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, nanotechnology and biotechnology continue to shift the world from the Digital age to the 4th Industrial Age. The impact of this technology will be the disruption of all sectors of industry.
We exist because this relentless move towards technology is happening at an increasingly fast pace and with little consideration to the human factors. We exist because people are not ready and not prepared to adapt to these seismic changes currently taking place.

We world is in a flux. Globalisation is moving towards a two track future. Emerging economics like China are looking to extend their global influence by uniting trade routes through the One Belt One Road initiatives. This multi-decade investment will reshape China’s place in the world and create a globalisation-with-Chinese-characteristics. On the other hand, retreating globalisation mindsets are finding voice in the United States and the UK. The future is not clear but tomorrow’s leaders will need to manage these conflicting pathways and shifting attitudes in the world.

People are living longer which means longer working lives with new careers starting after age 50. Facing an uncertain future in a technology shaped world, people will need to reshape and recalibrate their careers. Organisations will be faced with fresh people challenges and struggle to bring out the human qualities of empathy, creativity and purpose while leverage the race towards the 4th industrial age.

We support Team People. We believe that technology is a tool to make the world a better place to live but it should serve humanity not enslave it with poorer health, wellbeing and poorer jobs.

We stand for the Human Side of Influence. While everyone focuses on the technology, we focus on the human voice that is still essential for organizations to develop. People still need to work in teams, influence stakeholders and make sense of the world to other people.

The Human Side of Influence is about that human to human connection that is the essence of the best things in life; friendship, love, achieving great things with a team and working together towards a greater mission or calling. Without this human to human connection, we’ve lost a large part of our humanity – we exist so that people do not forget how to make a human to human connection.

The Human Side of Influence is your competitive value because it helps you get the best from your people. Better performance. More productive meetings. Less waste of senior executives’ time and effort. The Human Side of Influence improves people’s health and well-being and reduces strain, stress and frustrations.

The Human Side of Influence is a people-oriented approach to leadership which stands for bringing the best out of people in service to a global purpose.

We are known for high levels of integrity (doing what we say we will do), performance (everything we do is targeted towards better performance) and enjoyment (we love what we do and bring high enthusiasm in everything we do).