I believe “you get what you give”

Buy One, Give One for The Library Project

Buy One, Give One for The Library Project

Community: Warwick and The Library Project

The Library Project benefits from every sale of The One Minute Presenter. Just by buying this book, a child gets that chance.  Every time you buy a copy of The One Minute Presenter, a book is purchased  automatically for The Library Project – a charity that provides books to under financed schools and orphanages in Asia. Learn more about this worthy cause at

Community: Warwick and Toastmasters in China

On 17 August 2007, Warwick received a Presidential Citation at the Hall of Fame from Toastmasters International. His citation read: “A far-sighted visionary and efficient organiser, Warwick led his team of able and dedicated Toastmasters to expand the number of clubs in China from fewer than ten to more than forty in under three years. In the process, Warwick trained new Toastmasters in the ways of organisational leadership while leading the clubs in China to becoming a territorial council and then a provisional district in less than two years.”

I have been involved with Toastmasters in China since 2002, and helped support the rapid growth of the community as Chairman of Toastmasters International in China.  After a successful and sustainable transition to local leadership, I am now asked to take the role as mentor and knowledge sharer.  The recordings below are from live presentations delivered in China to Toastmasters and are offered in the spirit of sharing without charge.  Toastmasters has opened many doors for me – which I walked through – and now I am focused on giving back to this community of wonderful sharing people.

Listen and watch many training programs I have conducted for Toastmasters here.

Community: Warwick and Improv

Improvisational comedy is a form of entertainment that tests creative thinking, character role playing and above all the ability to “listen”, “accept” and “read” the scene.

Without a script or direction, actors perform activities, games and routines that bring out the best in teamwork, strategic thinking as well as a wide range of performance skills like movement, facial expressions, confidence and timing.

Warwick produces live shows in Shanghai with improvisational actors as well as using many improvisational techniques in his corporate engagements.

See video clips from Improv China

My personal motto is “you get what you give.”

I believe that it is my responsibility to give back to the community in which I am fortunate enough to do business.


Every Child Counts (PDF, 296kb), Extraordinary Lives, February 2007.

True Heart in Charitable Auction (PDF, 1.06MB), YMCA Shanghai, July 2006. (Mandarin)

I have been twice nominated for the XL Extraordinary Lives Award in 2007 and 2008. Nominees are people who have been an inspiration to others, have grown their power to create and contribute wealth and have contributed back in a meaningful way.