First Chairman for Toastmasters China

Warwick and Toastmasters in China

On 17 August 2007, Warwick received a Presidential Citation at the Hall of Fame from Toastmasters International. His citation read: “A far-sighted visionary and efficient organiser, Warwick led his team of able and dedicated Toastmasters to expand the number of clubs in China from fewer than ten to more than forty in under three years. In the process, Warwick trained new Toastmasters in the ways of organisational leadership while leading the clubs in China to becoming a territorial council and then a provisional district in less than two years.”

I have been involved with Toastmasters in China since 2002, and helped support the rapid growth of the community as Chairman of Toastmasters International in China.  After a successful and sustainable transition to local leadership, I am now asked to take the role as mentor and knowledge sharer.  The recordings below are from live presentations delivered in China to Toastmasters and are offered in the spirit of sharing without charge.  Toastmasters has opened many doors for me – which I walked through – and now I am focused on giving back to this community of wonderful sharing people.

1001 Ideas for Speeches: Your Life Inventory

Download the results from the survey here. Download the 19min presentation here in MP3 format (17.8MB). Delivered on 6 Dec 2010 in Talent Discovery Bilingual TMC in Shanghai.  I have made a special handout summarising where you can source the 1001 ideas for your speech topics here. (478kb, PDF)

Leadership: Be a club officer? What’s in it for me?

Download the 18 mins 25 minute speech here in MP3 format (16.8MB). Delivered on 29 Nov in Shanghai University TMC.

Organise your Speech

Notes from Mandarin Speech delivered on 24th May 2010 at Talent Discovery Bilingual TMC.  (PDF file, 789kb). Download here.

Presentation: The Change Catalyst

We look at how to apply skills we learn in Toastmasters into other areas of our life. You can download this 20 minute facilitated discussion on improving your health, wealth, contrinbution and much much more. Download audio file. (MP3, 18.6MB)

You can watch the video here. (link to TuDou video site).

Learn about The Change Catalyst here. I share ideas on how you can accelerate positive changes in your life.

Program: The Essentials of a Benchmark Club Series
1. The Essentials to a Benchmark Humourous Contest Speech Speech
Download the 19 minute speech here in MP3 format (18MB). You can also download a PDF file(520kb) with the key learnings.

2. The Essentials to a Benchmark Table Topics Speech
Download the 17minute speech here in MP3 format (15.5MB).  You can also download a PDF file(819kb) with the key learnings.

3. The Essentials to a Benchmark Contest Speech
Download the 17minute speech here in MP3 format (15.9MB). You can also download a PDF file(958kb) with the key learnings.

4. The 20 Essentials to a Benchmark Meeting
Download the 13minute speech here in MP3 format (14.9MB). You can also download a PDF file(589kb) with the key learnings.

Leadership: Club Officer Training
1. Insights into Service Leadership.  A 24 minute training to new club officers held in Shanghai July 2009. Listen to the training here. (MP3, 22.2 MB) and download the slides here. (PDF,1.2MB).  This is more of a high level training on club officer leadership.

Watch this as a slidecast here:

Service And Leadership by Warwick John FahyView more presentations from Warwick John Fahy.

2. Riding your Course to Club Success. A 29 minute training to new club officers. This training covers the club success plan as well as the ‘softer’ side of developing a club’s culture, vision and values.
Download the audio training here. (MP3, 27.2B) and see the slides here. (PDF, 2.2MB).

Speech Contest Advice: The Winning Edge

I share some tips and observations for Toastmasters who are entering the International Speech Contest.  You can see the training in 6 clips. Video was shot from a fixed off-stage camera.

You the Presenter
Treasure your Audience
Produce your Message
Create your Connection
Deliver with Style
Finish on Time

East China Toastmasters in 2007

Shanghai People’s Square was founded in 2003 as a benchmark club with the intention to develop local leaders who would support the growth of 20 new clubs in Shanghai by 2008. Well, you did a great job and reached the target one and half years early!

To help support the creation of a new vision, Warwick held a sharing session at the club on 25 Sept 2007.  What will the new vision for Shanghai People’s Square become?  Develop 100 clubs in East China by 2012?  The future continues to be full of opportunities.

Download the audio file here. (17mins 55sec, MP3 ,2.1MB)

Shanghai People’s Square has been a President’s Distinguished Club every year since its foundation. Its members have set up numerous clubs around Shanghai, and two members have won International Speaking Awards in 2005 and 2006.  One of the founders, Warwick John Fahy was inducted to the Toastmasters Hall of Fame in August 2007.

China Toastmasters in 2007

Since becoming Chairman, we have grown the number of clubs in China to 47 from 20 a year ago. We also hosted a fantastic conference in Shanghai for 300 Toastmasters.

See our China web site for the latest news.

Read about Toastmasters International here.

See more about Toastmasters in Mandarin here.

China Toastmasters in 2006

On April 15 2006 ,a new China Territorial Council was formed representing all the China clubs (currently 20: June 2006).

I was elected the first Chairman of the council and will appoint the regional and national leaders to develop this non-profit public speaking organisation to more people throughout China. I have a great team to help me and look forward to the challenges ahead.

Shanghai Toastmasters in 2006

Hear my 2006 message HERE.

Shanghai Toastmasters had a great 2005, and more milestone events are planned for 2006. Listen to Warwick’s audio message to all Shanghai Toastmasters here. (12mins 30 sec. 2.14MB)

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