Stand-up comedy host


As a professional speaker, I am always looking for ways to expand my comfort zone. I love comedy and especially stand-up. There is nothing as raw as a microphone and an audience. It takes incredible skills to stand up in front of people and make them laugh for 40 minutes, all the while making it look like you are not trying. From Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Richard Pryor to Chris Rock, Eddie Griffin and Dave Chappelle – you can learn a lot from these geniuses of comedy.

I host a stand up night in Shanghai called ChopSchticks. Founded in 1997 by Richard Robinson, we bring in stand-up acts from the US to raise the roof in Shanghai and Beijing. It’s been great to see how they prepare for their sets and how much attention they put on small, seemingly insignificant, things like word emphasis, pause and word selection. As a professional speaker I have stretched my own comfort zone by trying out my own comedy bits. It’s tough and I have the utmost respect for stand up comedians.

Come along to a laugh-filled night. See the ChopSchticks web site for the latest news.