How I work

What’s it like to work with Warwick?

On this page you can read about the results my clients have reported, my approach to client projects, how I’m different from other service providers and a sense of my guiding beliefs.

1. Expected Results. You can expect the following results when you engage Warwick:

Deliver presentations with confidence. Overcome your nerves so that you deliver with a clear and coherent message to your senior managers.

Express your main points concisely and directly. When you are faced with a busy senior manager, you’ll be able to convey your main point or key message in the fewest possible words. This can be useful when asked for your opinion at a regular weekly briefing.

Higher ability to engage and influence your stakeholders. A rising tide raises everything to a higher level. Similarly, when you improve your influencing skills, all your other strengths will be seen in a better light and this improves your ability to gain buy in and drive action.

Make your presentations more memorable. When presenting to senior managers you will be able to adjust your presentation style. You’ll switch from delivering data-heavy technical presentations to message-based ones.

Become regarded as a valued business partner. You’ll be better positioned as a future leader. The smoother your communications with senior managers, the better your promotion prospects

Other frequent results include:

  • Deliver executive-level presentations clearly, concisely and fluently
  • Speak with confidence to your Board and other senior stakeholders
  • Represent your company by delivering outstanding conference presentations
  • Get to the point quickly in high stakes meetings
  • Think quickly during discussions and deal with direct communication styles
  • Make an impact during Q&A sessions while handling difficult questions
  • Give a public speech without having to look at your notes every few seconds
  • Make data-heavy presentations more interesting and engaging
  • Engage and connect key messages with your audience through rapport
  • Use your slidedeck to simplify complex arguments
  • Sharpen delivery skills to become more natural and confident
  • Deliver powerful change messages to your team
  • Project the image of a confident, capable executive
  • Connect audiences with a message they remember
  • Become known as an excellent presenter
  • Find your authentic speaking voice so that presenting becomes enjoyable
  • Overcome anxiety before high profile presentations

2. My Approach. This is how I engage with my clients. If all or most of this approach makes sense to you, we’ll work well together:

Passion and energy. I’m very passionate. I’ve experienced how better presentation, communication and influencing skills have improved my life. I’ve seen other people make significant improvement in their lives. I want you to experience this too. I bring a lot of energy, commitment and passion to all my client engagements.

Practical solutions. I believe that I’m in the business of selling simplicity. I’ll do my best to make your progress easy to map, measure and make happen.

Direct and honest advice. You will receive direct and honest advice conveyed respectfully, even when the message may be difficult for you to hear. I am an objective third party who won’t hesitate to let you know when I feel you are off-track.

Learn by doing, not by listening. Learning is a participatory game – no spectators. You will learn quickly and effectively when you try out the exercises, activities and assignments and do your best to adjust your style as you learn.

Precise and specific suggestions. I offer extremely precise and focused feedback on a particular skill or behaviour. You won’t receive general or vague suggestions. Also, I have personally road-tested my advice so you won’t be getting theory from a dusty textbook. This alone will save you years of trial and error learning.

Effective across cultures. I have worked extensively with multi-cultural teams since 1996. This deep experience working internationally means I can help you adapt your message to whoever is in the audience.

Fast response. I give feedback within 24 hours, often faster, and respond to your deadlines. I’m willing to do what it takes to help you succeed.

I work in two ways with my clients:

Individuals: I work individually with the executive to address the key areas that need to be more concise, more influential and more effective in their spoken communication both inside and outside their organization. This helps increase the credibility of the executive and open doors to their future career progression. Executives I work with recently have included: Presidents, CEOs, board directors, CFOs, general managers and partners. I specialise in helping executives from technical professions and have developed targeted solutions to help these executives.

Groups: I work with groups of managers, directors and executives to address key skills to improve their ability to engage, influence and move an audience to action. These skills are very practical. They have been honed over 10 years and across many industries and countries. The skills provide a framework that can be applied in multiple scenarios. The workshop format is very engaging with various types of activities, role plays and highly relevant situations that put participants into real life work challenges and ask them to apply the skills to overcome or mitigate these challenges.

Other formats to support you:

  • Ongoing Support: a one year talent development program to develop foundational executive skills
  • Remote support: email, telephone or SKYPE support to executives involved in a talent development program
  • Material support: books, audio and video training for internal training use.
  • Train the Trainer: I can train your internal staff to deliver programs
  • Training program design: I can design and document training solutions

3. Uniqueness. I combine my passions, interests and skills into all my engagements. Which means all my talents are focused on making you more successful:

I am incredibly passionate and motivated by the field of public speaking. My research has taken me all around the world from America to Asia, Europe to the Middle East meeting the world’s best speakers and presenters. I am the author of a book on business presenting called The One Minute Presenter.

Learn from Hollywood – Bring in the best. I leverage on great ideas that already have been tested, for example, how to refine a message by learning from the film and advertising industries. I combine performance skills from theatre, stand up comedy and improvisational acting to help you deliver more engaging presentations. By combining these different skill sets and approaches, you will learn new tips, techniques and skills that work.

I have over 20 years business experience and have worked with multinationals throughout my career. I understand the pressures and challenges of executives which means that I won’t drown you in theory – I only give advice that I have tried and tested.

As a professional speaker and business leader I am able to relate to you as executives and speak your language. I work around your schedule and I tailor everything around your own individual set of circumstances. This means that you will only receive relevant, laser-focused support.

I respect your time. Which means that the time and energy you invest will be richly rewarded with a high impact pay-off. This is important because your time is precious and you want to see a visible change in a short timeframe.

4. Guiding Beliefs. These are the standards to which I hold myself accountable. I also find that I do my best work with clients who share some or all of these beliefs:

Staying healthy in mind and body. I stay physically healthy through regular exercise. I train for triathlons. I love to travel. I stay positive and keep my mind open to new ideas. I am always looking to improve myself.

You learn best when it’s fun. Studies have shown that adults learn more and retain it longer when they are enjoying themselves. I like to bring fun and levity whenever I can as it stimulates creativity, improves performance and can sometimes make the impossible seem more possible!

Helping & building up others. My motto is “You get what you give”. My purpose in life is to help other people improve their lives. I help with actions as well as words. I make a difference. I am straightforward and honest without being brash and aggressive. I build up people’s confidence. I help the wider community I live in. I do this with integrity.

Leading and learning. Leadership is based on being proactive in taking responsibility to make things better. I steer my course through life based on the principle of continuous learning. I take challenges to “Learn by Doing” and “Lead by Leading” in order to further improve and develop my leadership and management skills.

Creating material and spiritual wealth. I believe everyone in life has the power to create abundance. Whether material possessions, love in relationships, or peace of mind. Money is just a way of keeping score of the goodness we are giving the world. I create wealth and then invest it wisely. I am aware when an investment is too good to be true and keep my eyes open for people who would manipulate me for ill purpose.

Now that you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with us and our approach and philosophy of working with clients, next go to the Our Services page to learn about the specific services and programs we offer.

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