My Services

Boost leadership capacity throughout your organization

I offer a variety of practical and interactive learning programs designed to increase the leadership mindset and competencies of your top management and executive teams. All my training has been developed from research into the new psychology of leadership and adapted for the practitioner. We support: 

  1. Performing better in role
  2. Growing into a new role
  3. Transferring to a new role
  4. Taking on more responsible
  5. Making a bigger public impact
  • The Inspiring Speakers Program

For introverted business executives who need to stand up in public and deliver compelling ideas in a short TEDx style talk. Based on The Wheel of Influence from Influence: The Jack Ma Way. Available as booster workshop (1/2 day to 1 day) or virtual coaching program for individuals and groups. Download flyer here. 

  • The Spreading Disruptive Ideas Program

For researchers, thought leaders and analysts who need to share new ideas to the general public. Available as booster workshop (1/2day to 1 day) or virtual coaching program for individuals and groups. Download flyer here. 

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  • The Executive Presenter Program

For business executives who need to share clear and compelling ideas in business meetings both face to face & on tele- and videoconferences. Available as virtual coaching program for individuals and groups. Download program overview here. 

  • The Compelling StoryTeller Program

For business leaders, who need to continue to develop their influencing capability within a global business context through executive storytelling. Available as 2-day workshop for groups. Download program overview here. 

  • The One Minute Presenter Workshop

This workshop helps managers, directors and executives who need to be more confident and influential with their senior managers. It quickly and powerfully turns opinions into message based presentations.”

Take your skills to a higher level with a workshop based on the book The One Minute Presenter. Learn 8 steps to successful business presentations that help you connect and engage with short attention span audiences. Poor personal communication is at the heart of most people problems. Overcome this by improving the presentation skills of your managers and customer facing teams. We have taken the time-tested techniques and tips from The One Minute Presenter and skilfully packaged them into an interactive hands-on workshop which can be delivered both in-house or off-site. Thousands of people have benefited with increased presenting confidence, improved on-the-job productivity and boosted business results. Companies with good communication skills have higher morale and retention.Available in 1-day and 2-day formats.

See more details about The One Minute Presenter Workshop here.

  • Speak with Executive Presence Program

“A comprehensive program to polish senior executives into future business leaders.”

Have your ever been in a high profile situation and gotten stuck with not knowing what to say when facing senior managers? Instead we invite you to get excited about what’s possible when you are able to find your confidence and project yourself with credibility and vitality. We call this the inner and outer game of Executive Presence and are willing to bet you and your team will do great things with it. Available in 3-month, 6-month and 9-month formats.

Read more about Speak with Executive Presence here.

  • The Influencing Up Workshop

An intensive 2-day program for business professionals who need to be more confident and influential with their key stakeholders. Apply techniques that help you package your ideas that drive specific actions.”

We work with a small group of your business leaders to take their communication to a higher level in mastering the art of influencing skills. Based on research across a wide range of cultures and influencing approaches, this is a practical, ethical approach to increasing buy-in, getting your projects approved and working more effectively in teams. Perfect for busy executives with limited time who need to influence as part of their everyday work. You will learn practical techniques that are arranged under four different influencing strategies. Available in 1-day and 2-day formats.