Speak with Executive Presence Program

For multinational executives who need to think, act and communicate like leaders in Greater China

Do your executives freeze in front of senior executives?They cannot think on their feet. They fall short as a change leader. They lack executive presence. With executive presence, your executive team will drive change to achieve higher revenue and profitability.

Executive presence is the hallmark of every successful leader. When they enter a room, people look to them for direction. When they are part of a leadership team, people want to work with them. In short, executive presence allows leaders to more effectively get things done by influencing important stakeholders, so they deliver superior results time and time again.

But the reality is very different. Many executives are unable to take control and drive things forward. Their energy levels and demeanour do not convey leadership in the eyes of others. They are unable to precisely express a clear, compelling and motivating message.

Most executives see their credibility suffer and effectiveness decline as their ideas meet stronger resistance. It is near impossible to get buy-infrom important stakeholders because of the doubt, frustration and insecurity that creep in.

The three most persistent challenges facing leaders today:

1. Driving change in a complex, high-pressure environment

As China’s economy continues to grow and multinationals increase their investments, business leaders are under greater pressure to deliver results. Often, this means difficult changes to business practice. Executives ability to engage the team and lead them depends largely on the power of their executive presence; namely their credibility, respect and reputation inside the company.

2. Influencing senior leaders

Executives are expected to be proactive, influential communicators. To make a lasting impact they need support from their board of directors and senior peers. While technical executives are comfortable in one-to-one interactions, they frequently failto concisely express themselves during meetings and conference calls. This wastes leaders’ time and lowers credibility for the executive. These executives need an approach to connect, engage and inspire important stakeholders.

3. Developing confidence in their communication skills.

Peter Drucker said that effective executives take responsibility for their communications. We have all seen executives who are blissfully unaware of how they come across. They don’t notice eyes glazing over or increasing frustration as they make yet another dull presentation. This adds friction to communication and makes directives take longer to clarify, resolve and delegate. Executiveswho know how to express their ideasconfidentlyare more effective across the organisation and produce better business results.

What leaders really want instead:

Ability to shape strategy into an engaging message so team members proactively take ownership. Skills and confidence to influence senior leaders to align with and support their recommendations. Prepare effectively for important meetings and presentations. Readiness to handle and resolve unexpected questions on the spot.

In other words, executives need to:

  • Express themselves in clear and concise language

  • Speak with polish, energy and enthusiasm

  • Use their voice to effectively connect and engage with people

  • Handle question and answer sessions with confidence and manage challenging questions with ease

  • Adapt the amount of technical detail to match how top leaders think

  • Deliver on ambitious plans to make a lasting impact

Any executive can learn these skills with this practical approach

The ultimate outcome of this comprehensive program is senior executives with the skills and confidence to speak with executive presence. Executives withpresence are positive change agents and are influential beyond their direct reports. They leverage their technical know-how with effective communication skills to connect, engage and motivate people to take actions that drive the business forward.

The “secret sauce” of the program:

The Speak with Executive Presence program is built on three core strategies with 8 competencies to help the executive prepare, polish and perform at a higher level.

Strategy#1: The Inner Game – Preparation

Miyamoto Musashi in The Five Rings calls this sharpening the edge of the blade before the sword is needed. Master the inner game of self-awareness, self confidence, clarity of purpose and passion and authenticity. Become more aware of relativestrengths, and areas to improve to be an executive with presence.

Strategy #2: The Outer Game – Polish

Polished communication is essential for high-performing executives in order to reduce friction and boost their ability to influence and impact a diverse range of people. Refine the outer game of vitality, positive image projection, connecting and credibility. Deliver concise messages with enthusiasm. Be seen as the ‘go-to’ leader.

Strategy #3: The Results Game – Performance

Executives get frank, direct and honest feedback on their live performances. Video assessmentsoffer suggestions for improvement on public events or larger company-wide conferences. Shadow coaching assesses levels of engagement with respect to executive presence for internal confidential meetings and presentations.

Other benefits of the Speak with Executive Presence program include:

  • Learn easy-to-implement strategiesto influence senior leaders more effectively

  • Overcome nerves to deliver clear and coherent messages in meetings or conference calls.

  • Express key points concisely and directly to satisfy senior managers

  • Become a confident communicator – even for the introverted

  • Make presentations memorable by switching from data-heavy technical presentations to message-based ones

What you receive in the program:

Speak with Executive Presence is a comprehensive four stage program exclusively offered in-house for senior executives.

Stage 1: Assessment and Alignment

A one-day assessment center measures each executive’s relative strengths in the 8 competencies of executive presence. A follow-up alignment meeting with the executive and sponsor will review the assessment results, make a commitment to the program, and identify areas of focus for the first six months, including a 30-day quick-win list.

Stage 2: Inner and Outer Game Improvement Sessions

A monthly Power Coaching session delivers the majority of the skill work, video feedback and iterative improvements. Each coaching session follows this structure:

  • Evaluation of assignments. Improvement as an executive with presence is highly dependant on the effort made outside the coaching sessions. Thecoach holds the executive accountable for completing assignments.

  • Analysis of role-playing video. Used by presidents and high-stake performers around the world, video analysis plays a core role in this program. The coach evaluates performance in situational role-plays, such as an executive briefing or a high pressure presentation.

  • Feedback that is highly focused and specific. Video alone doesn’t guarantee improvements. Our Hot Spot analysis zooms in on critical moments that make or break a performance. We reinforce strengths through freeze frame study and we suggest positive improvements.

  • Direct and frank advice. This may be the most valuable portion of the program because very few senior executives receive feedback from colleagues or peers. As an objective third party, we provide direct, honest and to the point advice on what’s working well and what needs to change. Of course, we maintain privacy for the executive at all times.

  • Strategies for effective cross cultural leadership. Leading a diverse team in China is not easy. The coach acts as a sounding board and helps the executive adapt the message and approach to connect with multi-cultural teams. Importantly, the coach distinguishes cultural from behavioural issues.

  • Built around executive’s schedule. Flexible to work with the executive’s schedule. We are incredibly passionate and motivated to help executives speak with executive presence. So if the executive prefers an early session or a weekend session, we can make that happen.

  • Highly relevant assignments. With a heavy workload and responsibilities, executives don’t want irrelevant work. We apply the skills learned in the program to upcoming meetings and presentations. This means executive time is fully leveraged and the pay-off is immediate.

Two weeks after each coaching session, the executive receives a Check-In Coaching telephone call to review their progress on assignments, resolve blockages and encourage them to stay on track.

In the first three months of the engagement, the coach observes each executive in action during a presentation, leadership meeting or conference call. This shadow coaching provides valuable insight into the specific behaviours they need to work on.

Between coaching sessions, executives have access to:

  • Online executive tele-seminars focused on specific skills and behaviours

  • Feedback and support for their on-the-job assignments

  • Coaches by email who give feedback on presentation outlines

Stage 3: Milestone Assessment

After three or six months, a milestone assessment measures the executive’s performance against the 8 Competencies of Executive Presence. In a review meeting, the executive receives feedback along with suggestions on how to further improve performance.

Stage 4: Program Wrap-Up

The program completes with a written report and a debrief call with the executive and sponsor.


  • A signed copy of the book Speak with Executive Presence by Warwick John Fahy

  • A signed copy of The One Minute Presenter by Warwick John Fahy

  • Handy quick-reference laminated cards for refreshing skills

Is the Speak with Executive Presence Program a good fit for you?

Speak with Executive Presence has delivered results to multinational blue-chip clients across Greater China including:

  • ThyssenKrupp

  • Standard Chartered Bank

  • KPMG

  • Microsoft

  • HP

  • Bulgari

  • Pepsico

  • Unilever

  • adidas

The program has been backed by research into Executive Presence and published by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

The program has been designed to deliver high performance by maximising the talent potential among senior executives working in a cross-cultural setting in multinationals in Greater China.

With the total opportunity cost to replace senior executives between 300% and 500% of their annual salary, the benefits of developing in-house talent is significant.

The program is highly effective for senior executives and it is also very valuable for up-and-coming managers who need to get results through others.

The program also addresses specific organizational challenges, such as:

  • Driving change to achieve higher revenue and profitability

  • Building sustainable leadership pipelines with local high-potential executives

  • Improving executive retention and engagement by systematically developing leadership capacity

  • Increasing ability of executives to articulate, engage, motivate and lead a growing organisation across China

  • Providing positive role-models to middle managers who plan to reach the executive level

Invitation to explore more

If you are ready to take the next step, I invite you to contact us for a complimentary “Executive Presence Strategy Session.”

In this session we’ll explore what challenges you or your executives face, what kind of results you’d like to see instead and whether this program may be of help. Whatever the outcome, you’ll leave the session with more clarity about the issues you’re facing and with excitement about what’s possible.

The session takes about 45 minutes and can be done in person or by phone. Contact us to book an Executive Presence Strategy Session, I’d love to speak with you about your executive’s success.

All the best,
Warwick John Fahy

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