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Guess Warwick’s Triathlon Finishing Time and win his new book…Speaking with Purpose

To enter the competition click here and submit your answer before the race start.

Warwick’s new book

I am currently finishing my second book which is titled, “Speaking with Purpose” and this is a step-by-step guide to express ideas that matter in 18 minutes or less. I have created a 10-step guide for your business presentations and designed 43 practical tools and techniques that you can use to create a presentation in a much shorter time.

This book has samples that show you how to use each technique, best practice from other communication experts and lots of exercises to help you practice. I’ve taken all the best ideas and put them into a simple-to-follow, easy-to-use process. With business people under more and more time pressure these days, the Speaking with Purpose System is going to cut rehearsal time and deliver a bigger bang during the presentation.

…and Triathlon

As many of you know, my hobby is triathlon racing and – although I am not that fast- I love the challenge and excitement around these races. Over the next few months I will be participating in various races around China at the Olympic distance – which is considered a middle distance race in the triathlon world.

I would like to combine my love of triathlon, public speaking and giving back by offering a prize to the person who can accurately guess my finishing time for each race. I haev supplied you with the race results in similar distance races since 2006.

Guess and Win

If you would like to join this competition, click the competition link and send your entry in before the race. The person who comes closest to the overall finishing time (combination of my swim, bike, run and transitions between each one) will win a signed copy of Speaking with Purpose: How to present ideas that matter in 18 minutes or less and The One Minute Presenter: 8 steps to successful business presentations in a short attention span world. Plus I will include for all Toastmasters – the winner will also receive FIVE books to be gifted to your club (or a club of your choice).

Here are Warwick’s race results in the Olympic Distance Triathlon Race since 2006.

The distance is 1.5km swim, 40km bike and then 10km plus the time to transition from swim to bike (T1) and bike to run (T2).  Sometimes the T2 time is added into the bike time and for one race I only have the overall time.

Location Date Final Time SWIM T1 BIKE T2 RUN

Jinzhou July 2006 03:03:05 30 1/2 00:02:56 86 1/4 00:02:13 61 1/7
Suixian July 2009 03:04:38

JiaYuGuan Aug 2009 02:49:27 30 1/4 00:00:55 76 5/7 00:02:13 59 1/3
BeiDaHe Sept 2009 03:01:13 32 3/4 00:01:15 78 3/5 00:01:01 67 4/7
1000Island Jun 2010 02:42:00 29 ¼ 1 75 2 54 ½
Foshan Oct 2011 02:47:33 29 ¼ 00:01:33 76 1/3
60 5/9

To enter the competition click here and submit your answer before the race start.

Races in 2012

Fuzhou on 29 April 2012 at 0900

JiaYuGuan on 20 May 2012

ZhenJiang, Jiangsu on 17 June 2012

Chengdu on 9 Sept 2012

Weihai on 23 Sept 2012