Who We help

Are you a leader of people?

We help clients who face these scenarios. Are some of these statements true for your executives? 

  • They waste valuable time by never getting to the point. They ramble.
  • They fail to make an impact while speaking. They read slides from the screen.
  • They struggle when facing senior managers to make a convincing case.
  • They’re unaware of how the audience perceives them. They’re not relating to people.
  • They look worried and nervous when speaking in public. They lack executive presence.

Who are our clients?  We work with…

  • Global firms with a diverse cultural workplace
  • Mid to senior level managers from technical backgrounds
  • Executives who are intelligent, well-educated and successful in their field
  • More introverted than extroverted people
  • Those who are open to professional advice
  • People who are motivated to take action to make change

Our experience has been built across cultures and industries. We work across a diverse range of industries. This means that we bring a wider range of perspectives, insights and approaches to all our clients. We tend to focus on these industries:

  • Industrial services
  • Fast moving consumer goods
  • High technology
  • Retail
  • Financial services
  • Professional services

We also have experience with these industries: engineering, logistics and global sourcing, environmental protection, publishing, automotive and government.