Survey: Effective Communication and Presentation Skills

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Competency 1 : The ability to think on your feet while facing a client

Problem area being targeted: Weak listening and question handling skills

Solutions: Techniques to use in Q&A and client meetings. Role plays will be designed around client scenarios that will test quick thinking and listening abilities.

Competency 2: The ability to project assertiveness when speaking with more senior people

Problem area being targeted: Lack of confidence, relative youth of BD team

Solutions: Understanding of passive, assertive and aggressive behaviour. Techniques will be given to improve assertiveness in a client meeting, especially in discussions and Q&A.

Competency 3: The ability to shape and deliver a clear message while presenting

Problem area being targeted: No?strong USP selling

Solutions: Technique to create a flexible message. Applications into business development and project management scenarios.

Competency 4: The ability to deliver a team presentation

Problem area being targeted: Not enough engagement with the audience

Solutions: BD team will team up for a final client pitch with each person delivering 5 minutes. Project Managers will articulate the scope of work, assertively express how the project will be delivered and outline risks to client.

Competency 5: The ability to make a positive first impression and sustain it

Problem area being targeted: Lack of presence, not owning the room or the presentation

Solutions: An exercise to open a presentation with credibility and presence using the three step approach of credentials, rapport and logic. Becoming more likeable when breaking the ice.

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