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Please book your coaching session below. Coaching will be delivered face to face in central Shanghai and each session is 60 minutes.

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Hi Warwick,
I’ve just completed another 5 TEC sessions, and the latest round of coaching you gave me is resulting in RAVE reviews… + almost unanimous signups to the newsletter that I was skeptical about!!

I’ve also had 2 requests so far for additional business so far and anticipate there will be additional opportunities. I have another 6 sessions this year… but have just had 17 more booked for next year and expect that number will grow to 50 or more. Its seems this is being well received!

Can’t thank you enough for your help. I’ll continue to fine tune as we go, but wanted you to know that your very straightforward recommendations have made all the difference.

Anne C. Graham | Managing Director | 1- (604) 830-3990

The Legendary Value Institute

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