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Warwick John Fahy is regarded as the thought leader on executive communication in China.  He is a specialist in the art and practice of executive public speaking, and is a member of the Global Speaking Federation for Professional Speakers. Warwick is the author of The One Minute Presenter: 8 steps to successful business presentations in a short attention span world. Warwick was an executive committee member for The British Chamber of Commerce Shanghai 2008-2011 and finished the Ironman China Triathlon 2010.

Warwick John Fahy gives senior executives the tools to be more concise, engaging and influential in spoken communications.  Based on his book The One Minute Presenter, Warwick’s  coaching programs are video-based and full of candor and constructive practical suggestions. Warwick helps managers acquire the essential communication and management skills needed for high performance in common sense, interactive workshops. Working across Greater China and Asia, Warwick is available to take your management team to a high level of productivity.

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Warwick John Fahy is the author of “The One Minute Presenter: 8 steps to successful business presentations in a short attention span world”.Visit for free articles on speaking like an executive.

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Download Warwick’s Credentials book “Developing Executive Talent” here. (PDF, 10.5MB)

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Warwick’s Client list and Testimonial letters (2.43MB)

Warwick’s Published Articles (7.42MB)

Warwick’s Press Coverage (2.21MB)

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