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Personally speaking, I think The One Minute Presenter is great! But then I am the author so I might be slightly biased!

But seriously, not only is the content designed to be easily accessible as a ‘quick dip’ or if you prefer a systematic read through – it has also been lovingly designed by my wonderful design team – Kathrin and Marina – so the information is structured in a way that is easy to read. We also include one page chapter previews, case studies and different learning tracks in every chapter.

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And if you are not convinced, don’t only take my word for it. Read some of the reviews that have been left on Amazon by readers who have read the whole book!

Present with impact!

“The One Minute Presenter” is yet another book on the subject of effective presentations and it stands out as one of the best. Not only does author, Warwick Fahy know his topic, but he also knows how to communicate it in a way that engages the reader.

The book is well written and cleverly structured. Like a good presenter should, Fahy grabs your attention from the outset by relating the dropping (and smashing) of a large watermelon from a tall building, to our average attention span – both are a mess! After that start, it’s two short chapters to pose the question “Nobody’s listening” and provide the solution “Help is here”, before introducing the road map of “Your journey”.

“Your Journey” is in fact the eight stations along the road map to an effective presentation. Fahy very cleverly suggests that you should tick the stations you want to stop at, depending on your need. He also provides suggestions on how to get the best out of the book depending on your speed of reading – Step by Step, Jump Around, or Jet Ski.

Each chapter starts with an overview of Content, One Minute Learning, and the Process. Each of these is in bullet form and gives the reader a very clear idea of what’s in store at this stop.

Chapters (stations) often have side-bars with personal stories or expert’s tips. This enables the reader to follow the flow of the chapter and refer to the side-bar as and when ready. Each of the eight stops commences with a short case study of someone experiencing difficulty with this aspect of presenting. Fahy then shows how this difficulty can be overcome. I found two of the chapters, “Manage all interruptions” and “Master the Q&A”, to be particularly useful as “How to’s” explaining how to expertly manage a range of situations.

“The One Minute Presenter” is highly recommended for anyone who wants to improve their presentations, be they brand new or very experienced presenters.

Bob Selden, author What To Do When You Become The Boss: How new managers become successful managers

14 November 2010

A Plan and Road Map to Effective Presentations in a World Where DSL Means “Digital as a Second Language”

Using a unique format Warwick John Fahy introduces each chapter of his book “The One Minute Presenter: 8 Steps to Successful Business Presentations in a Short Attention Span World” with a quick glimpse at the chapter with tips on one minute learning for the presenter and important information on the process. This eight step road map is filled with hands-on tips and dynamic techniques for preparing and communicating successful presentations.

I especially enjoyed the case studies at the beginning of each chapter. Each case introduces the material covered in the chapter and looks at causes and solutions, prepares the presenter to face the audience, or offers steps in preparing an audience focused message to make a connection with them. The chapter dealing with the mechanics of the presentation has important tips for building voice skills, cultivating non-verbal communication skills, the importance of interaction with the audience, and helpful hints for using handouts.

Warwick John Fahy is known throughout Asia and in the United States as an incredible communicator. “The One Minute Presenter: 8 Steps to Successful Business Presentations in a Short Attention Span World” firmly affirms this reputation. Powerful writing, practical content, and a user friendly layout. This is an important tool for every presenter, a ready reference for assimilation, application, and a great confidence booster when reviewed on a regular basis.

Richard R. Blake

Top 500 Reviewer on

31 October 2010

I would give more stars if I could! Best business book I have read!

All I can say is, I wish I had read this book a long time ago. I would have undoubtedly made better presentations, done better on job interviews, gotten more clients, impressed more bosses – and the list just keeps going on.

Warwick has put together the most comprehensive guide I have ever read on how to develop presenting skills. The format is very understandable and easy to read with a core premise that you still maintain your own individualism while making presentations.

I have spoken at conferences and even been a guest at Toastmasters and have considered myself a good speaker – now I know that I have been wrong! The advice given is superb and I am now ready to move it up a notch – or several – in my presentations.

This book is great for students, managers, job-hunters, and pretty much anyone that has to speak in front of a group of any size or regarding any issue. For executives, this is a perfect guide to give your managers to improve communications and save time.

This is a MUST read!

Marcia Freespirit, CEO, JimSam Inc. Publishing

27 October 2010

Overcome the fear of making presentations

Warwick John Fahy provides a wealth of useful tips on how to make a great presentation to groups of any size or composition. For example, `”Don’t present like your audience has an unlimited amount of time, attention or energy.” They don’t.’

The author has been willing to share his secrets for making presentations to groups irrespective of size. His advice is useful, practical and based on his own approach to making excellent presentations. Warwick John Fahy should know–he was inducted into the Toastmasters International Hall of Fame in 2007.

I had the privilege of interviewing the author in September 2010. He has a lot of valuable advice to share based on his extensive experience making presentations to groups in China, other parts of Asia, and the Middle East.

Vern Burkhardt, Author for IdeaConnection

10 September 2010