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Warwick John Fahy speaks to groups of business executives such as CEOs, Presidents, General Managers, CFOs, and Directors from a wide-range of manufacturing and service industries.

Warwick enjoys contributing to the business community and will offer complimentary presentations to the following groups in Shanghai:

Chambers of Commerce

Professional Associations

Alumni Business Groups

He will also speak to these same kinds of groups outside Shanghai if he is reimbursed for travel, meals and lodging, as required.

Warwick also speaks for a fee (call to discuss rates) for:

Business conferences

In-house programs for multinationals

Speaking Formats

Warwick is pleased to offer his presentations in a variety of venues and lengths.  He can accommodate sessions from 30 to 90 minutes as well as 3-hr seminars or full-day workshops, Warwick can provide an exciting, interactive presentation that will motivate your members to take more effective action to speak with influence.

Signature Topic

Warwick’s signature topic is “Speak with Executive Presence” which comes from his 18 years of experience working with thousands of participants in his programs and with hundreds of individual clients. Warwick has developed a proven methodology to transform introverted business executives into influential and impactful business speakers. The presentation outlines his step-by-step methodology and uses stories, interactive exercises and demonstrations to get his ideas across.

Other Topics

Although, “Speak with Executive Presence” is Warwick’s most in-demand, signature topic he can also present on these other communication topics geared to business executives:

  • Conference speaking for business leaders: The essentials to connect, engage and inspire every audience
  • Women in Leadership: How we can learn from influential role models from around the world

  • Speak like an Executive – From technical expert to influential executive

  • Influence : The practical approach to become more influential in business

  • Where Leaders Are Made : Four lessons from an Ironman – How to go further in your leadership journey

  • Speak with Executive Presence : How to Think, Speak and Act like a Leader

  • The Future is in your hands: Three approaches to advance your career on your terms {Focus on Women in Business}

  • Think on your Feet: How to thrive in the Question and Answer Session

  • Embracing the change: How to implement large scale changes in your organisation

  • The One Minute Presenter: 8 steps to successful business presentations in a short attention span world

  • Speak with Purpose: The 10 Step Checklist to present ideas that matter in 18 minutes or less

  • The Global Leader: Three key competencies you need to succeed as a global leader today

If you would like to book Warwick for a speaking engagement, seminar or workshop, please contact us.