My Services

Boost leadership capacity across your organization

I offer my services through workshops, seminars and executive coaching designed to increase the leadership mindset and competencies of your top management teams. All my training is developed from research into the new psychology of leadership and adapted for busy professionals. We support: 

  1. Performing better in role
  2. Growing into a new role
  3. Transferring to a new role
  4. Taking on more responsible
  5. Making a bigger public impact

Workshop Topics

  • The Compelling StoryTeller Workshop

For business leaders developing their influencing capability within a global business context. Compelling stories create the desire within people to take a specific course of action. It’s a message-driven approach. Available as 2-day workshop. Download program overview here. 

  • The One Minute Presenter Workshop

Based on the book, our flagship workshop builds confidence in managers and directors while presenting in public. Learn 8 steps to successful business presentations to connect and engage with short attention span audiences. Available in 1-day and 2-day formats. See overview here.

Interactive Seminars

All seminars can be delivered in 30min, 45min or 60 mins blocks. Extensions can be made as below:

  • The Communicating with Impact Seminar 

This intensive seminar is for large groups (over 40) and is based on the popular Speaking with Purpose framework. It is highly engaging and practical for middle managers and front line staff. Very high energy and memorable. Ideal for large training events or learning days.  Available in 3 hr and 6 hr formats. 

  • Non Verbal Communication Seminar 

This insightful seminar is for people-facing service professionals, managers and leaders and is based on extensive research into micro-expressions. Ideal for short learning seminars during company events or stand alone boosters. Available in 3 hr format. 

  • The Wheel of Influence Seminar 

This evidence-based seminar is suitable for professionals who need to express important ideas publicly to win hearts, change minds and inspire action in others.  Perfect for people-leaders and C-level. Available in 3 hr format. 

  • The Motivate with Non-financial Incentives Seminar

This research-based seminar uncovers motivational myths, explores three approaches that every future leader can use with their team. Participants brainstorm, apply and share ideas to increase retention by comparing to best practice ideasAvailable as 3 hr seminar. 

  • The Building Resilience Seminar

This positive psychology-based seminar helps participants find their inner strength. The most successful people use resilience to keep moving forward during hard times by recovering quicker ready to face the future. Learn three proven methods backed by research to strengthen your thinking, beliefs and actions. Available as 3 hr format.