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Since 1994, the thought leader on executive communication in China, Warwick John Fahy has spoken passionately to thousands of business leaders working in multinationals in Greater China on the topic of becoming a more effective leader by speaking with influence and impact. Bottom-line, Warwick helps executives to think, act and communicate like a leader.

One of the main challenges when inviting a content-expert is that they often deliver their material in a dull lecture.  Warwick is well known for his engaging and interactive style while presenting. His popular presentations are regarded as highly practical and relevant to today’s business challenges. His advice is honest, to-the-point and offers proven suggestions that are time-tested. People will leave the presentation feeling energized and with tools to better shape a clearer message, engage their audiences more fully and influence more key people in their organisations.

Known as “the Godfather of Public Speaking in China”, Warwick has given talks, workshops and presentations to hundreds of professional organisations and corporations in China, Asia and internationally. Warwick John Fahy is the expert that high-performing executives trust, recommend and thank for helping them becoming more influential public speakers while making the process practical and – at times – fun.

Warwick is the author of The One Minute Presenter: 8 steps to successful business presentations in a short-attention span world. He designs interactive games for workshops and coaching, like Speed Talk, which gives executives key language to connect more effectively with their audiences.

Committed to help executives become better leaders, Warwick spends the majority of his time working with CEOs, Presidents and CFOs in his nine-month “Speak with Executive Presence” Program.

Warwick understands how to bring value to your members. As an executive committee member with the British Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai for three years, he fully understands the importance of delivering highly practical, relevant and valuable tips to your members, and to avoid overt selling from the stage.

Warwick’s Signature Presentation – “Speak with Executive Presence”

Every business leader wants to be influential. Good leaders want to make a positive difference. But only a few leaders have a plan or strategy to consistently engage, influence and inspire their stakeholders. They have Executive Presence.

Executive Presence builds credibility – an executive with presence is known throughout the organisation in a good light. Their achievements seems to receive more air-time.

Executive Presence is a career accelerator – as you rise through the ranks of an organisation, your technical ability becomes less important as your skills in communication, leadership and influence rise.

Executive Presence pays off – executives who are able to strategically shape a message, refine it into persuasive and memorable soundbites and then take it out to influence key stakeholders are the leaders who get bigger bonuses, more responsibility and ultimately more opportunity to achieve their life goals.

This concept of Executive Presence can be learned. The methodology for developing executive presence is called the inner and outer game of executive presence and is divided into 8 competencies essential for business leaders in China today. It works for senior business leaders who are leading multinational organisations across Asia.

In this presentation we’ll cover the following:

  • The Three Games to play to reach executive presence

  • Understanding the 10 Warning Signs that indicate your executives may need help with their communication

  • Learn how you say is just as important than what you say

  • How to use connecting questions to keep your audience’s attention

  • What you need to do to create your crown of expertise

  • How to articulate your big vision with memorable taglines

  • Learn ways to move people to action through inspiration

  • Interactive exercises so you will make the ideas your own

  • Get to know more people with facilitated discussions

  • Learn from real-world and up-to-date examples

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Report on Speaking with Executive Presence

Please click here to download Warwick’s in-depth report on how to develop executive presence. This will give you a better idea of the subject and of the points Warwick covers in his presentations.

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American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai

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British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei

British Chamber of Commerce in South West China

Benelux Chamber of Commerce Shanghai

Danish Chamber of Commerce in China

Finnish Business Council Shanghai

Swiss Chamber of Commerce Shanghai

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Vistage International

Entrepreneurs Organisation

Young Professionals Organisation

International Branded Hotels Society

Professional Speaking Association of China

Asia Professional Speakers Singapore

Global Speaking Federation

International Exhibition Industry Alliance

Shanghai Entrepreneur Group

China Supply Chain Council

ARTDO International Management and HRD Conference

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Chevening Alumni

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