The One Minute Presenter Workshop

Fun, engaging and practical workshops

Fun, engaging and practical workshops

Poor personal communication is at the heart of most people problems. Overcome this by improving the presentation skills of your managers and customer facing teams. We have taken the time-tested techniques and tips from The One Minute Presenter and skilfully packaged them into an interactive hands-on workshop which can be delivered both in-house or off-site.

Thousands of people have benefited with increased presenting confidence, improved on-the-job productivity and boosted business results. Companies with good communication skills have higher morale and retention.

Who can benefit most from this workshop? This workshop helps high-potential middle managers who need to be more confident and influential with their senior managers. It helps the manager quickly and powerfully turn their opinions into message based presentations. Ideal for middle managers who want to understand how to effectively communicate with top management, and convey ideas to your team in a memorable motivating way.

We help technical ‘subject matter experts’ adjust their presenting to a style that is more inline with what senior executives expect today. We specialise in helping finance managers become more confident when facing senior executives.

What results can I expect from this workshop? Boost executive speaking skills in a practical hands-on workshop, delivered by an external professional facilitator. Learn new techniques on delivering influential concise executive messages that persuade. Benefits include:

  • Conquer your nerves: Transform your fears into confidence.
  • Handle tough questions: Enhance your credibility in every question and answer session.
  • Stand out from the crowd: Become known as an expert in your field.
  • Keep their attention: Engage with diverse and demanding audiences.
  • Speak with clarity: Produce clear, concise and compelling messages.
  • Stay on track: Overcome the most frequent presentation interruptions.
  • Establish credibility: Build a strong reputation with your board of directors.
  • Always be ready: Become the person who is available to present at any time.
  • Get to the point: Have a concise and clear message for every audience.
  • Persuade without hard-selling: Convince your target audience using powerful stories.

warwick-workshopLearn a framework for preparing and delivering executive level presentations. With a particular focus on developing a sharp, engaging and memorable message for every presentation. These skills are designed for presenting to senior level, time-pressed executives. They can also be applied for client-facing presentations, public events when you represent the company, and in-house events where you need to deliver a clear message to your team. They are less applicable for technical presentations where the focus is on policy, procedure and technical details.

So how does the Executive Speaking for Middle Managers work? Workshops are available in-house for two days (up to 8 participants) and three days (8 to 12 participants). We can deliver in English and Mandarin. Workshops are very engaging and interactive, meaning that all participants are involved in the activities. The type of activities are varied so that participants are having fun while learning – the most effective strategy for acquiring and retaining skills for adults.

We conduct high energy workshops using five proven learning methodologies to increase confidence by giving a realistic assessment of skills and a pathway on how to improve these skills after the workshop.Here is an overview of the five proven learning methodologies that we use to create a dynamic and supportive learning environment during the workshop:

1. Action Learning

2. Facilitated Discussion

3. Five Sense Engagement

4. Full Group Participation

5. VAK Learning Styles

For a fuller description of our learning methodologies, you can download a PDF version here.

We use the following process when we run a workshop:

Before the workshop:

Questionnaire and survey to participants

Telephone seminar with all participants (up to 60 mins)

Customising material to fit participants typical presentations

During the workshop:

Up to 12 participants, 6 hours delivery per day

One workshop leader and one supporting coach

Video recording and replay for in-workshop discussion

Spoken evaluations to all participants

One-to-one coaching following video review

Workbook for exercises and activities

A copy of the book “The One Minute Presenter”

Workshop evaluation form


After the workshop:

Video compilation of all participants presentations

Evaluation summary report

Weekly e-letter “The One Minute Presenter e-Tips”

Debrief with sponsor

So what now?

You can download a booklet that introduces the workshop in PDF here. It often helps move things forward, when we speak with the workshop sponsor to understand how this workshop will assist the participants further their development. for a private consultation, contact us on +86 1391 786 7502.

“I have brought fundamental presenting skills together and upgraded them for a modern technology-savvy audience. This 8-step systematic approach gives you the roadmap to succeed in every business presentation.” – Warwick John Fahy, Author of The One Minute Presenter

“I want to send my sincere thanks to you for your presentation last week. All of my colleagues enjoyed the presentation and I’m sure that it will help to improve their efficiency a lot. Thanks again and let’s keep in touch.“  – Christophe Lajus, Area General Manager, Crowne Plaza Hotels Shanghai.